Application and Academic Calendar


Application Deadline for Erasmus+ Incoming Students

The following deadlines apply for academic year 2015-2016


Fall Semester (1. Semester/Full year deadline)     – August 20,, 2015

Spring Semester (2. Semester deadline)             – January 15, 2016

*Please send your application form/docs to or no later than stated date above.

Required Documents for Application 

1. Student Application Form
  2.  Learning Agreement  (Please note:  For available courses, please visit
  3. Copy of legal ID card or passport
  4. Transcript 
  5. Copy of the registration at the home institution or university ID card
  6. Health insurance valid in Turkey

Please note 1: A student can obtain 30 ECTS credits for a semester and 60 ECTS credits for an entire academic year.

Please note 2: If there are not enough students registered for the courses, the instructors usually do individual study with Erasmus+ students.

  Online Course Catalog


Mailing Address:

Kilis 7 Aralık University

International Relations Office

Rektörlük Binası Zemin Kat


Tel.: +90 0348 814 26 66 ( Ext.1925), Fax.: +90 0348 822 23 51


Language Requirements

Kilis 7 Aralık University requires the following level of English for Erasmus+:

Student Mobility for Studies

B1 – English

Staff Mobility for Teaching

B2 - English

Academic Calendar

(Full Year, 1st Semester (Fall) & 2nd Semester (Spring) students)

Orientation Session: We highly recommend that Erasmus students are present for this session. Detailed information will be sent to students with their Erasmus+ acceptance letter.

Examinations: Students should not leave Turkey before they have taken all their examinations and submitted all their assignments. Special arrangements/concessions cannot be made unless in extraordinary circumstances.


Fall (1. Semester)

September 2-6, 2014       New student orientation

September 10-23, 2013   Registration

September 23, 2014-January 3, 2015 Fall (1. Semester)

January 6-17, 2015          Finals

January 25-31, 2015        Makeup Exams



Spring (2. Semester)

February 2-7, 2015           New student orientation

February 11-24, 2015        Registration

February 24-May 30, 2015 Spring (2. Semester)

June 2-13, 2015               Finals

June 21-27, 2015             Make-up Exams


Important Days and Holidays in Turkey


Kilis 7 Aralık University Information Pack for Incoming Erasmus+ Students (PDF)


Erasmus+ Orientation

The volunteers from the student clubs of Kilis 7 Aralık University introduce the incoming Erasmus+ students to the various services and systems in Kilis, the local authorities also help them to get familiar with the city. As part of the Orientation Program, the incoming students usually meet their departmental coordinators to discuss their course choices.


Information Technologies

The Communication and information Technologies Department provides computer facilities and information technologies for all staff and students. Each department has its own computer lab for students and all classrooms have wireless Internet access, a PC, and projector.



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