Student Visa

    All international students must obtain a Student Visa in order to register at Kilis 7 Aralık University. Student visas can not be obtained in Turkey. Students,  whose application is accepted, should apply for a visa to the nearest Turkish Embassy or Consulate in their home country. For more information about visas, please visit Ministry of Foreign Affairs web site.

    Students are recommended to apply for a visa at least 2 months before the targeted academic semester begins. For electronic visa applications, please visit Ministry of Foreign Affairs' related web site at

    Please kindly note that all international students should obtain their Student Visa before coming to Turkey. Otherwise you need to go back to your home country to obtain the visa, as Student Visa is not given in Turkey.


Residence Permit

      All exchange students must apply for a residence permit at Kilis YABANCILAR ŞUBE MÜDÜRLÜĞÜ(Police Department for Foreigners) within a month after their arrival.

      Students cannot leave Turkey without having a residence permit. If this happens, they can not come back to Turkey in 3 months.

       In order to apply, first you need to get an official letter (Student Certificate) from Kilis 7 Aralık University International Affairs Office.

Required Documents for Residence Permit

  1. Student Certificate (Given by Kilis 7 Aralık University)
  2. Your passport containing a STUDENT VISA 
  3. A copy of the following pages in your passport containing your photo, information concerning identification duration of your passport, the last entry date to Turkey and Student Visa (Please note that ''the last entry date to Turkey'' is your last entry to Turkey for the exchange program in that year). 
  4. 6 passport size photos 
  5. Fee (apr. 150 TL) for Residence Permit Booklet (The price can change)
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