Language Requirements

Kilis 7 Aralık University requires the following level of English for Erasmus:

Student Mobility for Studies

B1 – English

Staff Mobility for Teaching

B2 - English

Although most of the classes are in Turkish language, we offer courses in English language for Erasmus and International students. We strongly advise Erasmus incoming students to take Turkish course organized by National Agency.

Erasmus Intensive Language Courses

How to apply?

Applications shall be submitted electronically to the students' home institution, which will be responsible for forwarding the application to the EILC organising institution directly or to the National Agency of the EILC organising institution.

Application form for Erasmus students : Word format  - PDF format 

Erasmus students should contact their home institution, the EILC organising institution or the National Agency for further information.

Please visit following web page for more information about EILC in Turkey


Contact person  for EILC
   Ms Ozlem Yucel

 Contact details 

The Centre for EU Education & Youth Programmes

(Turkish National Agency)

Mevlana Bulvari No:181

TR 06520 Balgat/Ankara

Tel:+90 312 409 6084


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