By Coach/Bus

There are intercity coaches in Kilis and Gaziantep to travel to any city in Turkey. Kilis bus station is in the city center and easily accessible by the students.

Bus Station Phone                   : +90 348 813 28 33


Cayiragasi Turizm From Istanbul/Ankara/Izmir to Kilis

Metro Turizm From Istanbul/Ankara to Gaziantep and Kilis


If you are travelling by Coach/Bus, please take Özgür Dolmuş (Midi Bus) at Gaziantep Otogar (Central Station for Coaches) to go to Kilis. It costs 7 TL (€3).

Özgür Dolmuş: +90 342 221 2493

                     +90 342 328 9929


By Air

The Distance from Kilis 7 Aralık University to the nearest Airport (Gaziantep) is 40 km.

Gaziantep Airport Phone                : +90 342 582 10 21

Turkish Airlines Phone                    : +90 342 582 11 02-03

At Gaziantep Airport, please use HAVAS ( Bus Service to go to Gaziantep Otogar (Central Station) and then take Özgür Dolmuş (Midi Bus) for Kilis. The fare for HAVAS is 10 TL (€3) and for Özgür Dolmuş 7 TL (€2)

  Özgür Dolmuş: +90 342 221 2493

                       +90 342 328 9929


Recommended Airline Companies:

Turkish Airlines From anywhere in the world to Gaziantep Airport


Pegasus Airlines From Most of the European Countries to Istanbul Atatürk and Sabiha Gökçen Airport and to Gaziantep


Onur Air From Istanbul Atatürk Airport to Gaziantep Airport


SunExpress From Izmir/Antalya/Germany/Holland/Austria to Gaziantep


Local Transportation in Kilis


      Local public transportation consists of midi buses (Dolmus) operating from

6.00 am to 23.00 pm. The price of a ticket (bilet) is 1.25 TL for students (€0.40).

Taxis you take in town are equipped with a meter. One kilometer by a taxi costs around 1.50 TL (€ 0.45). 

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