Erasmus+ Policy Statement



Kilis 7 Aralık University supports the internationalization agenda for Higher Education, and the Erasmus+ Charter for Higher Education is important for the realization of our institutional strategy, plan, and objectives.

We believe that higher education is a powerful tool to make a significant economic, intellectual and cultural contribution to our world.  We are committed to international excellence through the creation of world-changing research and high quality, inspirational teaching within an inclusive academic culture. The central values articulated in our institutional plan infuse our approach to global commitment.   Central to the achievement of our vision of an international university are the benefits derived from working collaboratively.  Our international partnerships facilitate and assist staff and student mobility, student enrollment, developments in teaching and learning, collaborative research and capacity-building.

Our mission is to contribute to sustainable development at both regional and international scale by means of bringing up highly qualified and global citizens who are able to participate in a global world.

The process of Building Partnerships:

a) The course catalogue of university and departments are analyzed. We compromise with the universities whose course catalogues are compatible with ours.

b) Our University prefers all countries in which English language is used widely.

c) We also look at the number of projects the possible partners developed in the past.

 We expect the following impacts as results of participating in Erasmus+ Programme:


  • To accelerate the integration of our country to European Union education system in the adjustment process of European Union.
  • To provide our students to get involved in European Union programs during and after their education at our institution.
  • To accelerate the modernization process of our institution by enhancing the quality and quantity of joint projects (Both public and private sectors) with institutions of European Union member states.
  • To obtain opportunities to have the quality that will contribute to the modernization of our course content and education materials.
  • To provide graduates to get involved in European projects by developing the joint venture projects and business centers partaking in the member and candidate states of European Union.

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